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6 responses to “Contact

  1. HI Mike!
    I love your pictures, you truly have a great “eye”.
    Phil and I are so happy to hear that you are going to have another little one this fall! Exciting indeed!
    I have been taking quite a few pictures too, well actually I have taken hundreds of pictures. Basically, I just love taking photos. I wanted to pick your brain a little if you don’t mind about how you started this wonderful website. Would you mind if I contact you through facebook messaging?

    Kathy Hatch

  2. Hi Mike;

    Boy its been a long time. I love you photos. It looks like you are doing well, and I am so happy for you. You are one of the ones from my past that I still hold dear to my heart. Miss you.


  3. Hi Mike
    Was surfing around looking at photography blogs when lo and behold. Just to jog your memory this is Scott from the HGCC. This past summer we ended up moving to Newfoundland so no more camera club. Anyway thought I would say hi, enjoyed looking at your images.


    • Scott! Great to hear from you. Ron and I were just talking about you the other night; wondering where you had gone and all. We miss you at the club! Glad to know where you are these days. I hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for dropping by!

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