Cambridge at Seven

A few weeks back, my 7-year old son Malcolm and I joined my friends Kevin and Paul on a Film Revival photo walk in Historic Galt, located in Cambridge, ON.

If you’ve never been there before, it’s an absolutely stunning part of Waterloo Region that straddles the Grand River with church spires, old buildings, and so on. It gets used a lot for filming locations on shows like Murdoch Mysteries ūüôā

Malcolm really wanted to use my Canon DSLR, so we traded cameras and I used his VTech Kidizoom Action Cam you can read about that here. Malcolm took over 850 shots with my camera, including a LOT of the insides of garbage bins for some reason. It was fascinating to look through them and see what caught his interest.

I went through every one and picked out what I thought were the best ones and we reviewed them together and talked about what made them work (focus, composition, subject) and landed on these as the favourites. I did some light processing, straightened a horizon line or two, and the B+W Conversions, but otherwise these are more or less what he shot without significant alterations.

Hope you enjoy!

DTK Photo Walk

A few weeks ago, my good friends¬†Kevin and Paul came down to Kitchener to check out the Edward Burtinski exhibit at the KW Art Gallery. The exhibit was (of course) incredible and while we were there we also got to see Kent Monkman‘s breathtaking series “The Four Continents”. It was pretty mind boggling and I am thrilled that we’re able to have such world-class art here in KW.

Inspired, we headed out into the utterly frigid streets of KW to take a few photos of our own! Here were a few of my favourites from the day.












Hamilton Waterfalls

This past weekend I had the great opportunity to go shooting waterfalls in Hamilton with my good friend Kevin and Paul.

I knew Hamilton had a lot of waterfalls, but I really had no idea of the scope! When we hit our first stop at Tews Falls, I was stunned to see a plunge of over 100 feet in a massive canyon. My jaw dropped.

In all we visited four falls: Tews, Webster’s, Albion and The Devil’s Punchbowl.

Webster’s and Albion were the most accessible and the latter’s beautiful cascade was definitely my favourite for the day. Tews was only accessible from the top so I have fewer shots from there and the timing wasn’t great for The Devil’s Punchbowl so I didn’t come away with much that I loved.

We had a great time at all of them though and I’m looking forward to revisiting! Here are a few from the day!








Old places

One of the things I love most about visiting my in-laws farm is the opportunity to photograph places and things that have been around for generations. There’s a sense of history here – everything feels lived in and well loved.

One of my favourites around the farm is this shed just behind my in-law’s house. It occasionally houses tractors, but it also holds a host of things like old windows, flower pots, and old machine parts that don’t get used much anymore.

I photographed it a few years ago, but the pink cast in the sky has always bothered my (I’m told this is a common problem with Cokin filters).

Anyway, I tried again this summer and was really happy with the result. Hope you like it!


U of T Bookstore

A few weekends ago Kim and I had the opportunity to get into Toronto for a night while the kids were up at her parents for the weekend. It was one of the first trips we’d made to T.O. together in quite some time.

We walked through Church and Wellesley Village, where¬†Kim¬†used to live,¬†and my old neighbourhood, Little Italy. We had dinner in the tiny restaurant where we had our first date and spent a lot of time walking around looking at what had changed, and what hadn’t.

One of Kim’s favourite things to do in Toronto, is to pay a visit the medical section of the University of Toronto Book Store. As I’m on kind of a book buying hiatus until I finish reading all the books I own, I opted to take the opportunity to take a few pictures of this awesome building!





Classic black

I thought I’d post this shot of the Classic Dodge pick-up in¬†a separate entry¬†as it stood out too much from the rest to feel like it belonged in the set.

For the most part I resisted B+W conversions for this series, primarily because the colour of the truck was so great and I really liked the contrast of the cool blue car and the warm fall colours in the leaves.

This one however was different – the tight framing created lots of opportunities for light and shadow and allowed the sleek texture of the surface to really show.





Classic blue

A few weekends ago we were visiting my wife’s family¬†for Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day and we were all hanging around outside, playing football with the kids and chatting.

I noticed that Connie and Harv (Kim’s aunt and uncle) had this beautiful looking classic Dodge pick-up truck out front of the house. I loved the colour and the way the fall colours in the trees and the fallen leaves were providing a warm colour contrast to the cool blue truck.

After taking a few shots I immediately thought of creating this triptych:

Dodge Triptych[blog]


Here are a few others I took that I really liked – I particularly like the last one as it has a sense of motion to it despite everything being perfectly still.