Monthly Photo Challenge – November 2011

We hit a few setbacks with this challenge. In the end neither of us was really able to get out to meet the challenge to it’s fullest possibilities, so it became more about pressing on with what we had available.

The theme for this month was “low light” – Dave’ suggestion, and a damn good one at that. So good in fact that I think we’ll come back to it soon and do it properly.

But as I said, life intervened and we pressed on with what we had. So here it is:

©Dave Joyce

Dave took one of his days off to visit a bird sanctuary that housed some Golden Eagles. A small group of photographers was allowed to come in and meet the birds, take some photos and see them fly. Dave took a tonne of images, almost all of which are amazing, but this was my favourite.

©Michael D. Pereira

For me, I headed out around sunset one afternoon to this amazing little spot called Rocky Saugeen. The Saugeen river runs along here, and someone built a mill on the river just down from the highway. The location is nearly impossible to filter, so I decided to make this my first test of blending exposures in Photoshop (yep, I finally broke down and bought the sucker). I’m not totally in love with how my blend worked, but for a first attempt I think it was okay. I’ll definitely be back to try again!



Monthly Photo Challenge – Sept 2011

The theme of this month’s challenge was my call and I chose “music”.

Dave submitted two shots for this one and allowed me to choose which one I liked best. I’ll post the second option later, but for now here’s the one I picked:

©David Joyce

I like the detail and the moody colours in this one. It’s a bit of a different take on a guitar from other shots I have seen.

I had originally intended to try and shoot some live shows or something, but no good opportunities really materialized that worked with my schedule.  I took this image at the Chatsworth fall fair – it was a display of sheet music and small instruments. I was drawn to the colours of the main image, the variety in the imagery, and the inclusion of the, somewhat controversially named, Jews Harp (which interestingly has nothing to do with Jewish culture).

©Michael D. Pereira



Monthly Photo Challenge – July 2011

So this was actually supposed to be the June challenge, but I kind of dropped the ball and submitted way too late.

Dave chose this month’s theme: Self.

We probably could have got pretty metaphysical with this, but neither Dave nor I really do a lot of self-portraits, so I think the topic was pretty challenging without us trying to get too interpretive. Fun though!

I have to hand it to Dave on this one – I love his dark, moody image.


©David Joyce

©Michael D. Pereira

Monthly photo challenge – May 2011

We like to keep the theme of the monthly photo challenge kind of broad and ambiguous. This allows us each to lend some interpretation to the theme and really try to do something different.

In each iteration of the challenge thus far Dave and I have managed to come up with something quite individiual, while still keeping in step the theme.

This month is no different. Our theme for May is “contrast” and as you can see, we had fairly unique interpretations of this concept. Hope you enjoy!


©David Joyce


©Michael D. Pereira

Monthly photo challenge – April 2011

The challenge is back!

Due to Kim and I having our first baby and Dave nearly breaking an ankle (not to get this photograph though), we opted to put the challenge on hold for a month until we had our wits about us again. I’m not sure my wits and I are quite in the same neighbourhood yet, but I did manage to pull off a photo for the challenge.

The theme for this challenge was chosen by Dave. Knowing how busy we were going to be with the baby, he kindly  lobbed a softball on this one and chose the theme “New Beginnings”. He’s good friend.

Here’s Dave’s shot:

©David Joyce

Dave says: Again, a simple point and shoot shot adjusted very slightly in PhotoShop (mainly the contrast on the path). The idea behind the shot is that it is unclear whether it is sunset and the end of a walk, or sunrise and the beginning off one.  A path that ends or a path that starts.  Everything is cyclical.  A new ending is a new beginning.

And mine – I guess the context is fairly obvious 🙂

©Michael D. Pereira

Monthly Photo Challenge – February 2011

The theme of this month’s challenge is “reflection”.

I think both Dave and I had a tougher time finding something we liked, mainly due to time restrictions. But that’s what this is all about – pushing ourselves to get out there more and submit whatever we have when the deadline hits. We set a deadline so that we can’t procrastinate or simply not submit anything until we get the shot we wanted.

Anyways, on to the results. Dave managed to capture this awesome shot of  Llynnau Mymbyr lake, in Snowdonia, Wales with a point and shoot and no tripod!

©David Joyce

I haven’t made it further than the movie theatre lately, so after the show I spent some time in the very cold streets with my camera.

This was taken standing in front of a store window in uptown Waterloo. There are several reflections here, the primary one being the mannequin in the mirror. I converted to a red filtered B+W to lighten the reddish hues that were coming off the mirror details and the other reflection of the mannequin in the opposite window (right side of the frame). I also cropped the shot (this was wide angle, so there was a lot of extra junk in the frame) and softened the edges to decrease the distracting details in the periphery, keeping the focus on the contrast of the dress and the mannequin. Details are: 55mm at f5.6 amd ISO 1600 for a 1/40 second exposure.

©Michael D. Pereira

Monthly photo challenge – January 2011

And so begins the monthly photo challenge with my good friend Dave Joyce.

This idea began a little while ago through a conversation about our photography and the challenge that it can be to sometimes get out a shoot. Both Dave and I work full-time and have committments that make it seem difficult to find time to get out there with a camera in hand. The monthly challenge occured as a way to inspire us to get out shooting by providing a starting place for ideas and goal.

The basic idea is that each month we choose a theme and set a deadline. When the results are in we post both images on our blogs. There’s no winner – the idea isn;t about competition, but challenge. We wanted to get inspired and get out shooting, and in that regard the first challenge was a success. I don’t know if I am 100% happy with the image I came away with, but the challenge got me out shooting and it’s a picture I might never have taken otherwise, and that in itself makes me very satisfied.

So without further ado, here are the results. This month’s theme was “rock”. As always, click the photos to see larger versions.

Hope you enjoy!

Dave had this to say: “It’s from my parents garden and was my first experiment with HDR photography. I’m not sure if the HDR added anything, but it was useful to learn.

Details: f5.6, 1/13 sec. ISO 400, 18-55mm lens (at 50mm).  With exposures bracketed at -1 2/3, and then merged into a single image.

The photo was taken on the Conestogo River on the north end of Waterloo, Ontario. The rock was snow capped with ice slowly forming around it as the water slowed in passing by.

Details: 4 second exposure at  f5.7, 200mm (35mm equivalent: 323mm ), ISO 100.