My favourites from 2014

I didn’t do much shooting this past year – other priorities and all that. Nonetheless, I was once again surprised to look back and find a number of images I was quite proud of.

Here are a few of my favourite images from 2014:

These first two are abstracts I shot on an ice covered window pane:



These two are from an engagement session I did for my sister-in-law Brett and her husband Blair.



I took this one at Warsaw Caves Conservation Area during a camping trip with my friend Kevin Collins and a few others.


This Triptych of a classic Dodge pick-up truck was from a series of photos I did on Thanksgiving weekend at my Wife’s Aunt and Uncle’s place.

Dodge Triptych[blog]

This was taken on the walking trail that leads from Harrison Park in Owen Sound to Inglis Falls just outside of town.


And last but not least, the UW School of Pharmacy building in Downtown Kitchener.


Looking forward to sharing more with you in 2015!



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