When I get back from a shoot, I immediately start going through the images and picking a couple of immediate favourties that I want to process and blog about.

Unfortunately, that is often as far as I get and I don’t always go back to take a deeper look at everything I shot. When you take several hundred images over a weekend, you don’t always immediately remember everything you were thinking when you captured each image, so your mind skims over the content, looking for those that stand out.

But often times the more subtle images that don’t jump out at you are the strongest.

So on to this week’s post. These are a couple of overlooked ones from my trip to Killbear with Kevin Collins last summer.

After doing some shot of the sunrise along the water, I started wandering around looking at the rock formations. I started to see these images that looked like bas relief carvings of mountains and valleys. I could have stared for hours.





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