The Hagan Family

The last time I photographed the Hagan family was in 2010. Little Kaitlyn wasn’t even born yet and Ava was still a little unsteady on her feet.

Jason and Kelly are two of my oldest and closest friends, which is great as photographing them is simply a lot of fun and and very laid back. I love them and their kids, so this was just a great time for me.

This time I was fortunate enough to accompany my very good friend Kevin Collins, who set up the shoot. Kevin and I will be collaborating on a few other projects throughout 2013 and beyond, so keep checking both sites for updates.

Anyway, here are a few on my favourites from that afternoon.












6 responses to “The Hagan Family

  1. Mike. I really dig #5. I love how the lines converge right on Jay and Kelly. I tried to get a shot very similar to this, but the kids were just too quick and got away. I tip my hat in your general direction. Well done sir… well done.

    • Thanks man! I have a few variations of that shot that also worked, but this one was my favourite specifically because of the composition. Glad you like it. Yours were amazing – great DoF and nice colour.

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