My favourites from 2012

The last year has been a challenging one for me in terms of time and energy. My first priority is always my family, and with two amazing little boys to chase after, that has left me with less time to be out there with a camera.

That left me reluctant to look back at my work from 2012 as I didn’t feel like I’d be satisfied with the results.

Yet, in going back, I was again surprised to find that some of the images I made in the past year are, for me, some of the most interesting and engaging images I have ever made.

I stepped well outside my comfort zone and photographed a lot of people, including 2 weddings, 2 families, and a couple (whose wedding I am greatly looking forward to shooting in the coming months).

I paid more attention to composition and took more time in the ‘digital darkroom’, striving to give my work a more personal feel.

I’m not there yet, but I am slowly feeling a bit of my own voice quietly developing in my images, and for that I feel pretty fortunate.

The images here are the most personal to me. Each one conjures feelings and memories that are very special and I feel lucky to have been present for these moments.

Thanks for looking and happy 2013.













2 responses to “My favourites from 2012

  1. Great selection of images Mike. I really like the 3 stones in the water (calmness of the scene). All your portraits are excellent – captured moments rather than posed photos. Good work.

    • Thanks Scott! I appreciate that. I have been working on my portrait stuff a lot in the last year, so I am happy to see some results I feel good about. My heart is still in the landscape and nature work though. This shots from Killbear (3 stones included) are some of my favourites I have ever done.

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