Stacey and Phil

Hi everyone,

I am here today to say a huge congratulations and thank you to my friends Phil and Stacey for allowing me and Lori to be a part of their beautiful wedding day.

When Phil and Stacey first approached me about shooting their wedding a few months back, I was really hesitant to say yes – in fact I think I nearly talked them out of it. However, both they, Lori, and my amazing wife Kim persuaded me that it was a challenge I could rise to. I like to think they were right, but that’s for them to decide 🙂

The wedding was this past Saturday and it was really amazing. Phil and Stacey wrote some beautiful vows for each other and the ceremony was really stunning. I feel very thankful to have been part of it.

These are just a few of my favourite shots from the day. I hope you enjoy.

More photos to come!


Stacey and Phil

©Michael D. Pereira


©Michael D. Pereira

Flower Girls

©Michael D. Pereira

Ring Bearer

©Michael D. Pereira

Stacey and Phil

©Michael D. Pereira


6 responses to “Stacey and Phil

  1. Great work Mikey. Congrats on the first wedding shoot. Did you end up renting some equipment? Love the DoF in the first 2 shots. Look forward to discussing this experience with you!

    • Thanks man. Yes, I ended up renting a few things actually and it really made a difference in terms of trying new things and getting the shots I wanted to get. Overall I was pretty happy with the results. We’ll definitely talk about it!

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