Nikki and James

Last  weekend my friend Lori and I went out on a mission to improve our skills learn more about photographing people.

Lucky for us, we had some amazing help from some very good (and very patient)  friends of mine.

Nikki and James are two of my favourite people in the world. They are awesome to be around and I always have a great time with them.

I met Nikki about 8 years ago, when we were doing our Masters at Brock University. When we both moved to Toronto we continued to hang out and she eventually introduced my to her roommate Kim – who I then married a few years later.

These days they live less than 20 minutes from us, and Kim and I try to see them as often as we can.

It was an amazing pleasure to photograph these two. As always, they were very giving of their time and it was an awesome experience for Lori and I.

Thanks guys!


© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira


© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira


8 responses to “Nikki and James

  1. What lovely portraits Mike. I’m sure they were very pleased with them. The last two shots really captivate me and I love how the whole set reflects a relaxed happy atmosphere. They were obviously happy and comfortable with you shooting them. 🙂

  2. Good job Mike! I also like the last two most… especially the last one! Great to see you continuing to work on your skills! I can see major improvements from when you first started sharing your shots!

    • Thanks Wayne! Always nice to hear. I have been working hard to learn more and continue to improve – so it’s nice to hear it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

    • Thanks Nikki! I am really glad you like them! Lori and I are meeting up soon to compile the final CD and then maybe we can get together to give you the final copies!

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