The Black Hole

I mentioned briefly in my previous post that I had finally broken down and invested in Adobe Photoshop. The purchase was a combination of both personal and professional interests – in my field of communications it’s definitely beneficial to broaden your software experience.

While I could have chosen any number of programs, I picked Photoshop because it’s more useful than many programs and, frankly, I was getting tired of not having a lot of the functionality I wanted for my photo processing.

Photoshop is not cheap – and I can see why. The complexity and depth of the program is hard to wrap your mind around. One professor I spoke to described it as a black hole – you can just keep going and going without end. That seems pretty accurate.

Since I didn’t really know where to begin, I decided to take a course to show me the ropes. It’s been pretty awesome so far – I’ve discovered brushes, gradients, layers (sort of), and of course dodging and burning.

I’m just past the halfway point and I thought I’d post a couple of my assignments for kicks.

First up is a shot from the fall fair. I converted to a sepia shot and then selectively coloured parts of the image:

Michael D. Pereira

 You can see the original here.

I also learned how to create a brush from an existing image and turn it into a stamp. Using that tool, I created this fun Warhol-esque image of Malcolm:

Michael D. Pereira

This one is based on this image I posted previosuly.


2 responses to “The Black Hole

  1. Hi Mike, neat post-processing techniques. Didn’t know you could use an image to create a brush. So much to learn about PS. The black hole title is appropriate – although mine is in my wallet.

    • A black hole in the wallet indeed!! Heheh. There really is so much to learn. The course has been great as a way to enter the program, but even when it’s done, I know there’ll still be lots more to learn. Thanks for coming by Scott!

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