A Malcolm slideshow.

More shots of our little fella – though he’s really not so little anymore. It’s been quite an adventure for us – some of it has been tough, but most of it has been awesome. He’s developed so much personality already – smiling, laughing, harassing the cats. He’s lots of fun to play with these days and he is also getting to be really independent. As my good friend Paul remarked about his daughter:  I can’t remember life without him.

These photos were all taken over the last 2 months. There’s about 14 images in total here.



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©Michael D. Pereira


11 responses to “A Malcolm slideshow.

  1. Such bright blue eyes! He really is adorable. It is amazing how fast they grow! Somehow, In my mind, he was still a newborn. lol.

  2. Great pics Mike. It is hard to believe that he has gotten so big, so fast! He is a handsome little dude. Also, I must say I love any picture of little kids playing in a pile of leaves.

  3. Sounds great Mike, give me a call any time… I’m usually home for about the next week or so. After that I hope to get out to the hills for some much needed landscape shooting. Look forward to chatting!

    • Thanks Wayne! He is doing really well. And no worries – I haven’t been in touch lately either. I have been meaning to call you and will do so next week if you’re around.

  4. Adorable. I’m simultaneously realizing how long it’s been since I last saw Malcolm, and how quickly babies change and grow.

    • Thanks man. We have a lot of fun with the little guy. I have brought him by a few times on the weekends, but you weren’t there. Ever elusive. We’ll have you over soon!

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