Grey County Waterfalls, pt. III – Inglis Falls

A personal favourite of mine, I never seem to tire of visiting Inglis Falls. The waterfall is pretty close to the farm, which might be part of why I go so often, but while it’s easy to get to, it’s a challenge to photograph.

The trail is difficult and getting down to the bottom is frankly treacherous.

It had been raining a lot in the last few weeks before this little trip so the rocks on the trial were slippery and soggy fallen leaves made seeing trip hazards a real challenge. It also meant that there was more water going over the falls then I had ever seen – even in spring.

It was impossible to get any closer than I did due to the volume of water – but I still managed to get a few that I liked.



©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira


2 responses to “Grey County Waterfalls, pt. III – Inglis Falls

  1. These are superb Mike! That second shot with it’s creamy water pulls me in. I want to reach in and feel that water. Beautiful!

    • Thanks Amber! I am so glad you like it. This was a tough one with so much water and I wasn’t overly pleased with many of the final shots. But these two seemed to work out.

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