Old Haunts

Wow! I just returned from an awesome trip to the farm where I was asked to photograph the Chatsworth Fall Fair this year. What an amazing weekend. Pictures to come soon!

©Michael D. Pereira

Speaking of the farm, have you noticed that a lot of photographers have a tendency to revisit the same places over and over again?

There’s probably any number of reasons for this. Maybe it’s about trying to recapture former successes or perhaps it’s old habits that are hard to kick. For some I think it’s a matter of not knowing where else to go, while for others it’s about simply loving a place so much they can’t think of any place they’d rather be.

Sometimes I suspect that people aren’t given enough credit for revisiting a place. To those who follow the work, it might appear lazy or uncreative to cover the same ground again and again. Maybe for some that’s true, but for most photographers it’s about getting past the surface and seeing what lies in the deepest details of a place.

Let me give you an example. Imagine you’re looking a little patch of earth and you just see dirt. Then you linger a second longer and your eye catches the subtle scurrying of an ant. Then you see a second ant, and a third, then twenty or more. Then you see a worm poking up, a potato bug under the edge of a stone, small plants and grasses sprouting from the earth. If you grabbed a handful of that soil and looked at it under a microscope you’d see tens of thousands of tiny organisms thriving in the ground.

But you’d only ever see these things if you stopped to look long enough to see it all.

When you become passionate about a place you want to come back again and again to try and see everything it has to offer, because it enriches your life, and your art, and because you never can be sure when you might not have the chance to see it again someday.

Most of the time I can think of few places I’d rather be than the farm. The people are amazing, the scenery is stunning, and it just feels like the kind of place I want to stay. I am passionate about the place, so I keep going back. 🙂



©Michael D. Pereira

Postscript: this photo actually took first place in the Farm Scene category of the Chatsworth Fall Fair photo competition. I was quite pleased. 


3 responses to “Old Haunts

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  2. I too get a little bored from time-to-time with many of the local haunts – especially with the act of photographing them. Sometimes I just like to get out without a camera and enjoy a place. But I agree – really getting to know a place totally lets you see past the obvious stuff and really get into the hidden beauty. Thanks!

  3. Oooh congrats on taking first place. Well deserved! THis image is absolutely stunning! As for revisiting places dear to us, I am all for it!!! When you always visit new places, often the resulting images are the same things everyone else sees. However, when you truly know and love a place, then you can really reveal it’s beauty. THat being said, I must admit I’ve been a little bored this year with my local spots. lol

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