What will become of us?

©Michael D. Pereira

I don’t really care much about technology – at least not for its own sake.

Improvements and innovations are only as valuable as what they allow me accomplish. If I can’t do something I like with a given piece of technology, then it isn’t really a worthwhile innovation.

But, I am interested in how technology can change the way we do things.

©Michael D. Pereira

Take photography.

I don’t often carry a camera around with me. I set aside time for photography and outside that I rarely take a picture. If I see something beautiful, I just admire it and move on.

But I must admit, it can be fun to keep a small camera handy, and lately doing so seems to be getting easier.

My old smartphone had a 5MP camera built in, which meant I didn’t have to carry a lot of gear, or even both a phone and a camera, to take a photograph.

©Michael D. Pereira

But how did that change my behaviour?

Firstly, I tend to photograph more when I have quick access to a camera. Not necessarily a good thing as I also tend to be less careful. But it can yield some neat results.

Secondly, I tend to photograph things with a small camera that I might not were I using my Canon Rebel.

©Michael D. Pereira

I’m a different kind of photographer when using a small point and shoot.

What I find even more interesting is how the current technology allows me take a picture, process it and post it online in a matter of minutes using a single device.

The images in this post were taken with my Torch, cropped and processed using a filter app called Instaphoto, and originally posted to Facebook, and most of this was done while I was on a 165KM, 2 Day bike ride (no room for my Rebel).

It’s interesting to speculate on where the technology is headed.

Will we soon have Photoshop level capabilities built right into a DSLR?

Would we ever really want that?



©Michael D. Pereira


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