I am going to jump the queue a bit here. I have a backlog of photos I was planning to post, but I was too excited about these new ones to wait to post them.

Kim, Malcolm and I took a little family vacation to Sauble Beach on the shores of Lake Huron this past weekend. The weather was stunning and once Malcolm was down for the evening, I couldn’t resist taking the camera out to the beach and spending some time by the lake at sunset.

After some experimenting with my filters, I finally managed to settle on a few compositions that I liked.

In this first one it was the colour that grabbed me. I love the soft pinkish/orange tones in the sky and the long exposure evened out the somewhat choppy waters to create a dreamy feel.

©Michael D. Pereira

This second shot was my favourite though. Here I tried something a little different by leaving out the sun and the horizon line and grounding the shot on the rock and the light playing off the water. I think it wound up being a somewhat unique take on the scene.


©Michael D. Pereira

4 responses to “Lakeside

    • Thanks so much Wayne! I was pretty happy with both of these, and the first one is something I am quite proud of. Hoping to do something cool this weekend – lots of great skies today 🙂

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