The Dock

Last weekend, I took some time out to head off to my friend Rich’s cottage with a group of close friends. It was an amazing time, complete with plenty of board games, a brewery tour, and of course plenty of time swimming and fishing off the dock.

Most of the lads had headed in by the time I took this shot – mainly due to the fading light and onslaught of mosquitoes. This one is a 35 sec exposure with a 2-stop ND grad pulled down to just in front of the dock, to smooth out the water, and a 3-stop ND grad pulled down over the sky. I was quite pleased with the end results, though I spent most of my time running around behind the camera trying to evade the mosquitoes.

Click on the image to see a larger version.



Addendum: I wrote this post rather hastily as I was quite tired, and in doing so, made a major oversight: I did not acknowledge my influences here. I swore I would always do that as I really think it’s important to show my respect for those photographers I so admire and who have been so generous with their time and wisdom.

This image was heavily inspred by two images in particular: Wayne Simpson’s beautiful dream-like composition of a rock in the water, and Darwin Wigget’s Dock at Grayling Lake. When I looked out over the dock at the cottage, I saw an interesting opportunity to create something that existed in between the two, but was still somehow uniquely mine – I hope I succeeded.

©Michael D. Pereira


8 responses to “The Dock

    • Thanks very much Wayne! I always appreciate your comments. This shot was very influenced by your work (actually I need to re-post about that as it’s something I missed in my hasty blurb above).

      I was really happy with this one, and I was deifnitely taking my time here to make sure that I was getting what I wanted.

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