I have finally been out taking lots of photographs these days! I continued to shoot sporadically over the last few months, but the last 2 weeks have been particularly productive for me.

These few weeks have also been really inspiring for me creatively. I have stretched my boundaries by photographing new subjects. I have seen things from a different point of view by allowing others to share in my photography, and I have traveled to some not-too-far-away places that were entirely new to me.

All of these things have made for some good challenges, great fun, and (I hope) some solid images.

First up on the block are the new subjects. I have mentioned before that I tend to shy away from photographing people – especially people I don’t know too well. In the past I have taken some shots for close friends of mine who I am very comfortable around, but more recently, I was asked by several of Kim’s cousins to do some family portraits for them.

I was petrified. I know them pretty well, but this was still different than my friends that I’ve known for decades.

I didn’t say no, but I immediately started to explain that the photos might not turn out well. They didn’t care – all they said was we could try and if nothing came of it we still had some fun. They were really supportive and that put me at ease allowing us to have some fun.

I didn’t get a ton of perfect shots, but this was my favourite from the day: my cousin-in-law Laurie thinking I was photographing my son who she was holding:

©Michael D. Pereira

The following weekend, Kim and I took my nephew Aidan to the farm for the Canada Day long weekend. As a fun activity we teamed up with her youngest cousin Cole for a hike and some photography. We ventured to Inglis Falls, a favourite of mine, where I gave each of the boys a camera to use on the hike.

Cole has often expressed an interest in becoming a nature photographer, but he’s never really had a chance to use a DSLR. So I lent him my Rebel, while I took my 35mm film SLR out for the day. Aidan, whose a bit younger was super excited for the photography, but expressed more interest in my Kodak point n’ shoot.

It was really fascinating to see what caught their eyes, and I was quite impressed with some of the results. Here are my favourites:

©Cole Radbourne

Most people who visit Inglis Falls just look at the water, so when I saw Cole’s shot I couldn’t figure out why he chose to crop most of it out. Then I noticed the couple right near the centre. I was impressed at how amidst the grandeur of the scene, Cole was able to focus in on such an intimate moment. I made some minor adjustments here for contrast and added a slight blur to the edges to pull the eye more to center, but that’s it.

©Aidan Bateman

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this shot of Aidan’s. It is like looking at an impressionist painting. Very few people could make a shot like this work well, but Aidan managed it with a point n’ shoot. He barely stopped for a moment – just saw the shot and took it. I didn’t even process this shot – this is exactly what he took.

©Michael D. Pereira

I haven’t developed my film yet, but I did borrow the Rebel from Cole to grab this one. I would have liked to take more time with this scene, but we were on a mission for ice cream by this point 🙂

I was still happy with it – and far more so with the results of the day’s experiences.


2 responses to “Inspirations

  1. What a lovely post. I enjoyed reading how you captured the lovely portrait of your cousin-in-law, and the shots from the boys certainly are nice. What a good eye they both have!

    • Thanks! I was very impressed with what the boys accomplished that day. I think what I liked the most is that they were willing to snap anything that caught their eye. We had a great time that day.

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