Last one

So, I am just going to post one last time from the archives and then I promise I have some new stuff. 🙂

Both of these are from my trip to Killarney with Wayne Simpson as well. This first shot was a hard one to get. This leaf was hanging by a spider web, slowly rotating back and forth. The light was low and the motion was hard to slow down enough to get the leaf sharp. In the end, I managed to get it pretty crisp and include some of that cool sky peering through the leaves in the background by standing on my tip toes with the camera above my head using live view to frame the shot.

©Michael D. Pereira

This second shot was taken in the afternoon in very bright sunlight. Wayne and I were scoping out the canoe launch to get out to Georgian Bay for the morning (we’d be there later in the dark, so knowing the lay of the land was important). I happened to notice the cool patterns the sun was making in the shallow waters. I love little details like this and could spend hours doing this kind of photography. In fact, we spent close to an hour just focused on a few square feet of water. You can see one of Wayne’s from this spot by clicking here.

©Michael D. Pereira


2 responses to “Last one

  1. Great shots Mike, I used your link to check out Wayne image as well. Great stuff from both of you guys. I enjoyed being able to compared them. Great stuff keep it going, I like flowing along.

    • Glad you stopped by Lee! Shooting that little water scene was a really fun experience, and it was really interesting to see how Wayne managed to come away with different takes on the same tiny spot. Sorry I’ve been quiet on your blog lately, but rest assured, I am flowing along as well 🙂

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