The portable advantage

Last week I posted a couple of photos I took with my smartphone. As I said, in the past I have had little use for camera phones – the quality is almost always terrible. However, lately, I have found my new smartphone to be a marked improvement over its predecessors.

This little camera offers decent picture quality, exposure presets (like “sport” and “close-up”), and even has evaluative metering which allows the camera to adjust the exposure based on the light source.

Of course, these are pretty standard features for a low-end point and shoot, so why do I care?

Well, reality is that I don’t take my DSLR set up with me everywhere. It’s too much gear to lug to work on my bicycle. Even packing a compact point and shoot, when I already carry a phone and an iPod (my Torch’s memory can’t quite handle my 50GB music collection just yet), is more gear than I want to carry. So having a decent phone camera is appealing.

But these aren’t images I am likely to print and frame, so again, what’s the point?

Well, for me, this is about two things: practice and fun.

Having a camera handy allows me to snap quick glimpses of things I might want to return and shoot later, or just work on seeing the light in various situations. It provides the flexibility to experiment when I might otherwise miss out.

It also provokes me into doing things I might not otherwise do. When I have the DSLR, I tend to be a little more ‘serious’, only taking shots that seem to have some weight to them. Not always, but usually.

But with the Torch, I tend to be a little more playful, something I’d like to bring into my work overall. So this provides a way for me to think outside the box and then try to go back and build better images around a similar theme – things I might not have tried otherwise.

Anyways, here are a few more shots from the Torch. Enjoy 🙂

©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira


2 responses to “The portable advantage

  1. Interesting shots Mike. I particularly like the piano keys and the clock. I might have to breakdown and get a cell phone – only for the camera though.

    • Thanks Scott! I like those two the most as well. The lighting needs to be pretty good, but it can be a pretty decent device, even when the light is a little lower. I guess I would say that if you’re looking into getting a phone, see if you can get one with a good camera too 😉

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