I fell into the sap today…

A few months back my cousin Sean* approached me about taking some photos out at the maple sugar bush in nearby Laurel Creek.

Sean’s been working on an album of “syrup songs” for the last little while – a light-hearted little album about his love for making syrup – and he was looking for some photos to go with the album. Sean and I have been playing music together for a few years now so I was pretty excited to be a part of it!

I took advantage of the brief time I had the Canon 70-200 f 2.8 in my hands and headed out to the sugar shack on nice evening about a month back.

These are a few of my favourties from around the sugar bush. In a few days I’ll post some more of the music focused shots 🙂


*Ok, so technically Sean and I are second cousins once removed, but “Cousin Sean” just sounds better 🙂 

©Michael D. Pereira


©Michael D. Pereira


©Michael D. Pereira


©Michael D. Pereira


©Michael D. Pereira


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