I have been inundated with requests, nay demands, from many friends and family for more photos of Malcolm. It is really wonderful to have so many people who care about us and our son! Thanks everyone!

So here are some more pics!

For the photographers in the bunch, just after Mal was born I rented a Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS II lens and a 250 speedlight flash from Lens Rentals Canada in Owen Sound. They are a great company and I had an amazing experience renting from them.

The lens had a razor’s edge DoF and was sharp as a tack. An amazing lens to shoot with – wish I could afford to buy it. But for now I can handle renting as needed.

Anyways, these are a few of my favourites from the last couple of weeks.



















8 responses to “Malcolm!

    • Thanks Amber! We’re quite fond of the little fella. 🙂 The Shakespeare one seems to be a favourite for people. I think it’s my favourite, so far.

  1. he’s so beautiful. He has two lucky parents. I can’t wait to meet him. Hopefully this summer, if Krista, Annalise and myself come up to Burlington and you are not too busy.

  2. Excellent shots Mike. I like the third shot, “I think therefore I am” and the DoF is super in the last shot. At first I thought #12 was a dipthych, neat shot. Falling asleep with the Complete Works of Will Shakespeare seems far fetched – snuggling a bottle of Screech I could picture!

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