Photo of the day

Another shot from my trip to Buckhorn last spring. This one is of water flowing through the dam on the river in town.

I cropped to a square and converted to B+W for a more abstract feel  I also boosted the contrast and the shadows to enhance the black and white contrast of the shot.

I quite like it.


©Michael D. Pereira


6 responses to “Photo of the day

    • Thanks Wayne. I also processed this somewhat differently as part of a dyptych, but the second shot had too many water spots on the lens to make it work. I was quite happy with this on it’s own though.

  1. Great image Mike. The square crop works well for this shot. Looks like you have a little bit of dust on your sensor (small black dot on right corner)- I know mine is due for a cleaning.

  2. I quite like it too. It’s soothing somehow, that beautiful flow, and I do love the composition of your crop and the bw. It works so well. It’s neat how smooth and even that water is.

    • Thanks Amber! I really loved how perfectly the water came out in this one. I might re-process to tone down the white in the lower left corner (a bit distracting), but otherwise I am really happy with this one.

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