Monthly Photo Challenge – February 2011

The theme of this month’s challenge is “reflection”.

I think both Dave and I had a tougher time finding something we liked, mainly due to time restrictions. But that’s what this is all about – pushing ourselves to get out there more and submit whatever we have when the deadline hits. We set a deadline so that we can’t procrastinate or simply not submit anything until we get the shot we wanted.

Anyways, on to the results. Dave managed to capture this awesome shot of  Llynnau Mymbyr lake, in Snowdonia, Wales with a point and shoot and no tripod!

©David Joyce

I haven’t made it further than the movie theatre lately, so after the show I spent some time in the very cold streets with my camera.

This was taken standing in front of a store window in uptown Waterloo. There are several reflections here, the primary one being the mannequin in the mirror. I converted to a red filtered B+W to lighten the reddish hues that were coming off the mirror details and the other reflection of the mannequin in the opposite window (right side of the frame). I also cropped the shot (this was wide angle, so there was a lot of extra junk in the frame) and softened the edges to decrease the distracting details in the periphery, keeping the focus on the contrast of the dress and the mannequin. Details are: 55mm at f5.6 amd ISO 1600 for a 1/40 second exposure.

©Michael D. Pereira


6 responses to “Monthly Photo Challenge – February 2011

  1. I love how both of your shots are so different and yet both fit “reflections”. Nice work to both of you! I have heard of Snowdonia… wish I could go. The photo is beautiful! And I love all the details you captured in the window display!

    • Thanks Amber! I wsh I could get to Wales as well! Would be amazing. Glad you like these. This one was tough, but I was happy in the end, and I am happy that other people seem to like them too 🙂

  2. I really love your photography Mike. Everytime I look I’m impressed.

    Love this photo especially, has a feel of nostalgia to it and the soft edges really add to that feel. *heart*


    • Thanks so much Morgan. I have been really impressed with your work posted on Facebook as well. Glad you like this one, and thanks for stopping by 🙂

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