When it’s cold outside

 It has finally warmed up a little here! We had a spell for a week or so where it was consistently falling below -20 (with the wind chill that’s more like -30). I am sure my friend Wayne out in Calgary is snickering right now if he’s reading this (-30 is par for the course out his way in winter), but I’m sure not used to this sort of thing. Our heating bill is mad! Mad I say!

But, the cold didn’t prevent me from getting out shooting, at least not too much 🙂

On my way home from work last week I stopped by Waterloo Park, a favourite of mine, and grabbed a few shots of the water fall. Now, I have shot this location a lot (click here and here), and at least once in winter (click here). While I was pleased with my attempts in the fall of 2009, I was never quite happy with the results from last winter. The photos were too bland, and too blue for my liking. The images looked cold, but not in a way that conveyed the temperature. They felt sterile, and that is not at all how the park feels to me.

On this outing, I wanted to move away from conveying the frigid temperature of the air and more towards conveying the feel. The sun was setting when I was there, casting a golden reflection on the water. I also wanted to focus on details rather than the whole as I have tended to do in the past. I wanted to capture the intimacy of these little falls.

For this set I used my Canon 80-200 lens, with no Polarizer so I could catch the golden light reflecting off the water. In post, I used Canon DPP to adjust the brightness and contrast and tone down the blues very slightly, and then used Picasa to adjust the colour temperature.  

I was quite happy with this new take on an old favourite, and I hope you are too.



©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira


8 responses to “When it’s cold outside

  1. Excellent shots Mike. The lighting and textures of the ice are great. I really like the movement of the water in the second image.

  2. Wow great photos Mike. Flowing water in winter, what could be better then that? Great stuff. Keep the images coming I will continue to follow along. Oh, I have a great place to take you to shoot some frozen waterfalls when you come north, lol.

    • That would be awesome Lee! I’d very much like to make the trip up there at some point. Sadly it won’t be soon enough, but it would be amazing to head up that way. Glad you’re enjoying these 🙂

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