Country roads in winter

Kim and I have a deal when it comes to driving to visit family. She’s not a fan of driving the highway to my folks, so I take on driving duties to visit my family. In return, as I enjoy the aesthetics of driving through the coutry and am easily confused by using beams correctly, she drives when visting her family at the farm.

Over four years of driving to the farm, I have come to love the many photographic opportunities that arise along the country roads. The bright fall colours, the dense foliage overhanging the road in a wet summer, or, as below, the seerene look of snow on the road and in the branches. I have become particularly attached to two roads that border on the farm.

One runs north and south and features a beautiful row of maple trees lining it’s western edge. I have taken several images of this road, one of which you can see by clicking here. The other road intersects the first, running east-west. Just west of this intersection the trees become thicker and hang over the road creating a beautiful air of mystery (we actually had some of our wedding photos taken here). It’s a truly spectactualy road to walk or bike along.

So here are two photos I grabbed over Christmas this year. I hope you like them.


©Michael D. Pereira


©Michael D. Pereira


2 responses to “Country roads in winter

  1. Nice capture Mike. I like the old house peaking out from between the trees in the first image. The only thing I might change is the broken branches sticking out of the snow on the left side. Really like the composition of the second image, with the road in the centre. Good stuff.

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