Happy New Year!!

What an amazing holiday season we had! It was filled with friends, family, and lots of excellent food

Of course, it was seriously busy as well; travelling, hosting, and visiting had us running around. Lots of fun though, so I can’t say I am too hard done by. 🙂

Despite the hectic holiday schedule, I did manage to get out shooting on several occasions. I’ll post the results from several outings here over the next few days, as well as the results from the first monthly photography challenge with my good friend Dave Joyce.

Just before Christmas, I left work as early as I could and headed out to the Conestogo River in North Waterloo to try and get a good shot I could use for the photography challenge.Time was short as these days the sun sets early, and it gets pretty dark by 5pm. While the theme for the challenge wasn’t “trees” I couldn’t help but take a little time to shoot some of the amazing trees that line the river.

I was quite happy with the composition on both of these, but the second shot is one I am particularly proud of, as it resulted in something I feel is really quite different from my other work. Hope you like it too!

Happy New Year!


©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira


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