Water logged

Hey ho!

When I sat down to write this post I was seriously under the impression that it had only been a week or so since my last post. Apparently time flies and I was damn shocked when I realized that almost 20 days had passed since I last posted any photos!

I have been keeping busy with a great many projects, most of which are not related to photography, but some have been. I am finally caught up on my processing (mostly anyhow), and hope to be out shooting this week for a photography challenge between myself and my good friend Dave Joyce.

Anyways, I have dug up a bunch of shots I liked from my trip to Killarney with Wayne Simpson a couple months back. These few are from a few hours we spent shooting shadows at a small river rapid. The light was playing beauifully with the water and Wayne and I lost trake of time taking loads of macro shots of the tiny details. You can see one of Wayne’s amazing water details here.

I’ll be posting a few more from my trip to Killarney in the next few days while I process a few more from a recent trip up to the farm.



©Michael D. Pereira

 Water rushing into the fray of the rapids.

Details: f16, 1/4 sec. 80mm ISO100.


©Michael D. Pereira

 Light and shadows in the waters.

Details: f16, 1/30 sec. 200mm ISO 100.


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