Quebec City, p.II: City lights

While in Quebec City, I took a little time to wander around the Parliament building in the old city at night. It’s a gorgeous old building that is surrounded by brick streets and the walls of the old fortress that separate the old city of Vieux from the rest of Quebec.

It was awesome to see all the people walking around in the soft glow of the street lights, huddling close together to warm up in the cool, rainy weather. I started to get a little cold myself out there, so after taking a few shots I ran back to the hotel to curl up with my wife and book by the fire place 🙂

Hope you like these – I think they are my favourites from the whole trip!


©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira

2 responses to “Quebec City, p.II: City lights

  1. Oh wow, it sure sounds like a nice trip. I would love to visit Quebec. I love the shots of the fountain, but that last shot of the people moving under the tunnel is just fantastic. What great mood. Did the people give you funny looks or try to dodge out of your shot? lol

    • Quebec City is really stunning. I definitely recommend it. I had to try that last shot a few times as initially people did try to get out of the way or not walk into the shot. My solution was to compose the shot and then kind of look away, like I was trying to look around for something else to shoot. Then when I could see people entering the tunnel out of the corner of my eye, I used my remote to trigger the shot without them knowing.

      A little underhanded I suppose, but it would never have worked if they knew I was taking the photo 😉

      Glad you like it!

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