Coffee Shop Showing

Hey folks,

Sorry for the absence of late. I’ve been busy out in the workshop making custom built frames for 6 photographs that I am fortunate enough to be able to display in public.

My camera club has an arrangement with a local Second Cup coffee shop to display the work of our members. Every 6 weeks a new set of photos from one of the members goes on display.

It works out really well as the coffee shop gets a free stock of continually changing art work for their walls, and the members of the club get an easily accessible space to display our work.

Here are the 6 photos that I put up for viewing (as always, click on the images for larger views):

©Michael D. Pereira

Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira


6 responses to “Coffee Shop Showing

    • Thanks Wayne! That first one wasn’t initially one of my favourites, but once I printed it, I was won over. It looks so much better in print than in digital. So much more fine detail.

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