Inglis Falls – Redux

I haven’t been out shooting much due to working on the house and visiting friends and family a lot lately. But as I was flipping through some photos of my last trip Inglis Falls, I found a couple I overlooked at first, but that have since really caught my eye. Hope you like ’em.


©Michael D. Pereira

©Michael D. Pereira


4 responses to “Inglis Falls – Redux

    • Thanks Wayne! I was really intrigued by the texture of the roots and the tree bark as well. I was considering cropping this down a little to cut out the fence post at the right and some of the bright white sky highlights. Not sure, but I may post this one again with some adjustments.

  1. I’m glad you revisited your shots and found these as I think they are quite lovely. The water looks nice and soft and I like the image in bw. Love too the roots of the trees all entwined in the rocks. Very nice!

    • Thanks Amber. I was quite pleased with these two, especially after I rewored them into BW. The roots reminded me of a hand coming down and trying to pull the rocks out of the earth – that really appealed to me when I was composing the shot originally.

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