Unexpected Saturday

The Saturday on Canada Day weekend I woke up surprisingly early for no particular reason. I probably could have drifted off to sleep again, considering I was still pretty wiped from  heaving hay bales the previous day, but I decided to grab my camera and head off to a favourite place – Inglis Falls near Owen Sound.

I love visiting the falls, even though it is hard to get anywhere near the base of them. I spent some time shooting the cascades, but the angle of the sun was creating some huge solar flares. So I ventured down the hiking paths instead. I turned down a steep rocky path I hadn’t been down before, which led down to the water where I found this beautiful secluded little spot just down river from the falls. It was a bit awkward, I had to shoot on a slanted moss-covered rock with one tripod leg in the river, and I almost fell into the river a few times, but it was well worth it.

I couldn’t decide which composition I liked better so I posted both.

Thanks for dropping by.


Michael D. Pereira


Michael D. Pereira


7 responses to “Unexpected Saturday

  1. Are the Falls near to you? So cool… I was trying to think of the nearest falls to me and all I can think of are fake manmade ones. lol. These are lovely Mike! It’s certainly hard picking a fav but I think I prefer the second only because it makes me feel like I am in the water…apart of the scene.

    • Glad you like them Amber. I think I became a part of the scene a little more than I may have wanted getting that shot. Nearly tumbled into the river 🙂

      The falls are just a few kilometres from my in-laws’ farm. Really pretty spot. It used to be the site of an old mill run by the Inglis family in the 1800s – hence the name.

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