Snug Harbour

Hey all,  

Finally back to doing some shooting! It feels so good to get out there and look at life through the lens again. As is my way I have been a little slow to process, but here are few from last weekend.

Last weekend was a long one for Kim and I. Since Canada Day fell on a Thursday, we decided to take Friday off  as well and made a mini holiday out of it. We spent 4 great days between the farm and around Owen Sound. Just awesome! 

On Thursday we took in fireworks, Friday I helped my Father in-law with getting the hay bales up into the loft (did anyone else not know that hay is pretty sharp? After 900 bales I was covered with scratches!), we also visited with family and friends. A perfect weekend by all accounts – scratches and all.   

These are from the Canada Day fireworks in Owen Sound on Thursday night. I took most of the fireworks shots on my film SLR, so the DSLR shots are more of the harbour – but I did get a few fireworks. 🙂 




6 responses to “Snug Harbour

  1. So glad you got out shooting and had a nice long weekend. That fireworks shot is absolutely fantastic!! Oh, and I always thought Hay was soft. Funny. lol

    • It was great to get out again. I had set up a great star trails shot too, but it kind of fell apart when some drunk guys with a box fireworks showed up.
      Another day though, I am determined to get some star trails!
      Thanks for the comments!

    • Thanks JamesI I was quite happy with that one as well. I took a bunch more on my film camera. Timing was difficult, but I got a few that turned out.

    • Thanks man! If there was one thing I was going for it was sexy! 😉

      I just got the photo from your place back yesterday. It would have turned out great, but for a light in the living room which created a massive flare. 😦

      Another try is warrented!

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