From the depths of the archive – Day 1

I have been digging around in the archives of my trusty old Kodak P&S lately and found a bunch of photos that I am actually really happy with, but have never posted for some reason. Since I haven’t been able to get out shooting much in the last few weeks, I figured I take a little time to show you some of them. They span a period of about 18 months and are from various places including my in-laws’ farm, Sauble Beach, and Heber Downs conservation area in Whitby.

I’ll be posting one a day for the next week and hopefully by then I’ll have something new to show you 🙂

This first one is from the back path at the farm. It cuts between a two fields and leads from the milking barn down to Kim’s grandparents house. So pretty in the fall!



©Michael D. Pereira


2 responses to “From the depths of the archive – Day 1

  1. We’re pretty lucky with the fall colours here for sure. Hiking or biking around Ontario in the fall is a spectacular site. I have to say though, I wouldn;t mind ducking down your way to see the redwood forests – your pictures from there are amazing!

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