Victoria Park, Part III – Droplets

The final installment of my three part series on Victoria Park. In the first set I focused on more of a man & nature, landscape approach. In the second installment I wanted to convey the closeness with nature that can occur in the stillness of an early morning – even in the city. Today I want to look at the small and simple details – the sort of details you might easily overlook if you forget to slow down a little and really take the time to see the more delicate things in the world. It goes to show, you don’t always need to go to far off places, or even out into a wilderness to find nature and see how beautiful the world is.

I highly recommend clicking on the images to see the larger versions – the compression tends to mess up the details on shots like these.

Enjoy 🙂

© Michael D. Pereira


©Michael D. Pereira


©Michael D. Pereira


©Michael D. Pereira


©Michael D. Pereira


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