It’s been a busy few weeks for me (for the most part anyways) and its been making me think long and hard about the choices I make when it comes to spending my time outside of work and sleep. Of course, I enjoy spending a lot of time with my wife Kim – we do pretty much everything together and I love every minute of it. We’re particularly fond of walking, though now that the weather is getting nicer we’re planning on taking more time to break out the bicycles. She and I also try to spend a lot of time visiting our friends and family, which is always fun and gives us a good reason to get out of town on weekends.

I am also very passionate about music, I love to play guitar when I am on my own, jam with friends, and I also play bass in a couple of bands. When I am not playing I spend a lot of time listening to music. I like just about anything from bluegrass to death metal, and I love to just walk around with my iPod or throw some music on the stereo and listen for a while (for the curious, I am currently hooked on “Heroes of Our Time” by Dragonforce – two of the fastest guitarists I have ever heard and so much fun!).  

So how the heck do I ever find time to take a single photograph? Well, I will admit it is a challenge finding time (hence my lack of postings in the last month or so), but a lot of it comes down to choices. Sometimes I have to choose between between playing guitar or an afternoon with family, and going out and shooting. Sometimes it’s just the choice between staying in to watch a movie with Kim after along day when I could go out shooting in a nearby park. I’ll be the first to admit that I often choose the former (who can resist the lure of a comfy couch and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid I ask you, who?), but I do try to get out shooting when I can.

But there is something else I do that helps me to create more photographic opportunities: I combine things together. As most of the regular visitors here know, I often take advantage of visiting my wife’s family to spend time shooting the amazing scenery on their 1000 acre farm. But that’s not the only opporunity I get. Included here today are a few recent examples of  combining photography and time with friends and family – it’s a win-win situation as I get to explore my art in new ways and I get to spend time with some amazing people. As Lee Sacrey says, there is always something to shoot. So, why not take a few pictures whenever you can. 


©Michael D. Pereira

A low hanging tree branch that seemed to be spreading ice out into the river. I took this on a hike with my wife Kim and oldest friend James.

©Michael D. Pereira

I picture of a candle I took during Earth Hour when Kim and I were visiting my family. I thought this candle looked really cool, so I grabbed the camera and started snapping away while we had tea and chatted in the soft glow.    

©Michael D. Pereira

I shot this while visiting our good friends Jay and kelly. Their daughter Ava is the cutest little girl. I’d been snapping pictures of her for a bit that afternoon, but I love this one as neither she nor Kelly knew I was taking it.

©Michael D. Pereira

During the same visit, Kevin and Steph, Jay’s brother and his wife, and also good friends of ours, dropped in with their son Patrick. He’s only about 7 months old, but he has so much personality. He looked at me and my camera with suspicion for a while, but I managed to snap this when he smiled at his Mom.


3 responses to “Choices

  1. I can totally relate to you about choices. I think it is really important to prioritize the more valuable things, like family. I love shooting and posting and commenting, but sometimes the keep up can feel draining when the time could be better spent enjoying a movie with Hubby. Anyhow, combining the time as you say is great. I put that into practice a little today 😉 lol… Love that image of the candle and ice. And the images of your friends are so tender and sweet. Nice work Mike!

  2. Hey Mike,

    Great piece. Those choices are hard when you are passionate about a number of things. Luckily you can combine some of yours together, which is always nice. Of the pictures you posted I like the candle the best, what a great shot. Thanks for the little plug at the end. I enjoy your work keep it up.


    • Hey Lee, yes the choices can be hard! Then again, who am I to complain when I am lucky enough to have so many options, and am able to afford such an array of choices! Like you say, at least I can find a way to combine a few things. Thanks for reading – its always a pleasure to hear from you!

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