Waterloo Winter

On my way home from work the other day I just had to stop by Waterloo Park and grab a few shots of the small frozen waterfall. For any new visitors here you can see what it looks like in the fall here.

Enjoy, and as always, comments are welcomed!


© Michael D. Pereira


© Michael D. Pereira


© Michael D. Pereira


7 responses to “Waterloo Winter

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      • I never do!! You’re lucky you know 🙂 Honestly, I could drive about 4 hours to Yosemite and possibly find some frozen waterfalls… but I struggle with all the crowds…
        Will this waterfall ever freeze completely solid?

      • This probably wouldn’t freeze completely, but the amount of freezing is pretty significant. If you check out the link in the post you’ll see the difference from fall to winter – pretty neat.

        I definitely love the variety of the seasons here; we get 30 degrees in summer and down to -20 degrees in the winter. It provides ample oppotunities for photographing familiar places in new ways 🙂

        You’ll have to make a road trip in the winter to find some crowdless, frozen Canadian waters.

  2. Hey Mike, once again I find myself looking at your blog. Something I have do every time you post. This post however, is special. One of my favorite things to photograph is moving water and even better moving water in winter. Here you are with three fantastic shots. The first is my favorite of the three. What a great picture. I now have someone to compete with, lol. Great job Mike, I can’t wait for you next post.

    • Thanks Lee! I love to photoghraph moving water as well. It just looks amazing with the longer exposure. When I took these I was really thinking of your work at Cameron River, so your influence is in there for sure!

      A little friendly competition is always good. Helps to elevate the art to another level I think – to see new things and try harder to get out there. I look forward to you next post on moving water. 🙂

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