Delicate things

A few months ago I joined a camera club in my area. In part it was about learning to get better with my camera, but it was also about meeting new people. So far it has been an amazing experience. I may be the youngest person in the club (by about 20 years), but it hasn’t stopped me from making friends and learning a tonne of great stuff about photography. Many of the club’s members are amazingly talented photographers and they have so much insight to offer, not just about technique, but about the feel and the passion you need to have in order to produce photographs that mean something to someone else. To develop that emotional connection to the rest of the world.

I have also learned that sometimes it is just the simplest, most delicate things, when seen in the right light, that make the most compelling images.

Last weekend several of us ventured out to the Wings of Paradise butterfly conservatory to try our hand at capturing some of the most delicate, and most beautiful creatures our lovely planet plays home to (that’s right, it’s not just us wandering around here!).

I have never had much chance to shoot insects before, so for me this was a great opportunity to expand my creativity and practice my close-up shots. It was a bit challenging for me as I have one lens, an 18-55mm, so it has a little trouble with macros and with zooming in tight from a distance. Still, all in all I think I managed to do okay, and I definitely learned A LOT about shooting butterflies!

I hope you enjoy these!


© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira


7 responses to “Delicate things

    • Thanks Wayne! I actually shot #6 with our little Olympus point n’ shoot, and I have to say I was really impressed with how it turned out.

      It was definitely a fun learning experience!

  1. Mike,
    #4 is cool… love the negative space! I can appreciate your struggles without a macro lens. The camera club sounds like great fun, and a good way to meet some nice people. Keep on shooting and learning… that’s what it’s all about my friend!


    • Hey Kevin! Thanks for posting here man! The “man down” one is one of my favourites as well. I was really trying to convey the details there, but it is really hard to get. Glad you liked it. Hopefully I can make it up to your place this summer and do a little shooting!

  2. I think you did a beautiful job capturing these flutterbys. I especially LOVE the first image, and the last. Really well done, and how fun about your camera club 🙂

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