Mr. Boyle, I owe you one!

I was doing a little reading today and realized that Canadian-born scientist Willard Boyle was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics this year. Boyle and his partner invented the digital image sensor, used in every digital camera since the Sony Mavica was launched in 1981, which converts light into a digital image.

As an amateur photographer I just thought it would be only appropriate to acknowledge what his work has meant to the field of photography and to people like me. It has made the pursuit of artistic photography so much more accesssible through affordability, and raised the artistic bar in allowing photographers to go further in their learning and experimenting with their art.

So thank you Willard, your work has helped to change my life, and I think that is something very special. Your accolades are well deserved.

For those who want to know more, here are a few links:

The Toronto Star: Canadian scientist Willard Boyle accepts Nobel

Wikipedia: Willard Boyle



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