So a few things happened today that, for me, called for a response. So let me get right to it!

The first came this morning when I realized that one of the photos I posted yesterday was the wrong image! Imagine my embarassment when I realized that the beautiful cliff side vista had a big lens flare right in the middle. I suppose I could have slipped the correction in and hoped that nobody noticed, but I think its theraputic to admit an error. I think it’s also good to admit that capturing an image to be proud of often takes time and more than one attempt. Here is the image I meant to post. A little nicer without the lens flare, right? Or maybe you disagree . Either way feel free to let me know.

© Michael D. Pereira

Second: I was very fortunate to receive some great feedback from a photographer I greatly respect and admire. It was suggested I try cropping this image to eliminate a rather funky looking plant that intruded into the side of the frame. I had tried this before, but was unhappy with the result. The suggestion to try cropping made me think that maybe that first instinct wasn’t so off key. So I tried again, this time not cropping so close to the leaf, but removing enough of the plant to keep the attention on the subject. I also cropped a bit off the left to tighten the frame and keep the viewer coming back to the leaf. I think this second attempt works better than the original. Just goes to show, it pays to listen to those who know. Thanks Wayne!

© Michael D. Pereira

This last one is more about correcting an oversight. I kind of glossed over this next image at fisrt, looking instead at the grand vistas of the cliff sides, or the frosted leaves. Coming back to it now I am actually quite impressed. I don’t have a macro lens, so I have to admit, I have a new found respect for my little kit lens. The detail here is more than I could have hoped for, espcially without a tripod. I am quite proud of this one really. If only I had seen it before I submitted my images for my camera club competition. Another day I suppose.

© Michael D. Pereira

Maybe it’s just the editor in me, but it seems that corrections can be fun! Enjoy!



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