Photos of the . . . well, last week

Better late than never I suppose – although try explaining that to someone you’ve left sitting alone and awkward when you’re running an hour late. Not that I do that to people (I try very hard to be early for everything), but you can see where the cliche sort of falls apart. Anyways, here I am, late with last week’s photo of the week. To make up for it, I am posting two for your viewing pleasure. The first was taken behind a gas station just off the 85 heading into Elmira, Ontario. I can’t remember why we stopped, but I noticed the sunset and the barn and took advantage of the short break in the drive. This was pretty rushed, so I was impressed at how well it turned out.

© Michael D. Pereira

This second photo was taken during a morning outing to Inglis Falls near Owen Sound. It is a beautiful spot to visit, but a bit difficult to capture without a little creativity. The large concrete wall that prevents people from falling about 100 feet into the rocky rapids also makes it difficult to get a clear shot of the falls with a tripod. I had to lean forward on my tip toes and use the wall itself to stabalize the camera. Needless to say a lot of the images came out a little blurry, but this one came away with surprising sharpness. Unlike a lot of my images of the falls this one has a little more intimacy to it. You can feel the flow of the water, but without the thunderous, overpowering feeling that comes with some of the larger scale images.

© Michael D. Pereira




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