I came to say I must be going

It seems that Lee Sacrey was right when he urged fellow photograpers to keep posting because, whether you believe it or not, someone out there is a fan. Lee, by the way, is a great amateur photographer based out of Yellowknife. I strongly suggest you check out his site here. Anyhow, I seem to be getting a few hits a day on this little blog and I really appreciate that someone out there take a little time to check up on what I am doing. I’d also like to apologize for not yet producing a photo of the week so far. I do not want to disappoint! Sadly, this is not that day. I have been feeling a bit under the weather this week and haven’t yet finished processing the shots from my trip to Inglis Falls last weekend. I will have something to show for my efforts soon. But until then. . . .

I want to present two photos that I will call “happy accidents”. They are from my first trip out with my new Canon Rebel XS this past September. I accompanied my wife’s family to Manitoulin Island for the long weekend and took loads of photos to get used to the feel of the new camera – which,  by the way, is awesome. Anyways, these two photos caught me because, in both cases, I came away with something that at was not at all planned, and indeed, is barely recognizable as a photo.

This first one was taken aboard the Chi-Cheemon ferrie. I set the camera on the bow of the ferrie (hence the sloped skyline) and opened the shutter for about 30 seconds. The result is an almost painterly image of the horizon about a hour after sunset. I am actually kind of proud of this image as I think it is the only thing I have done so far that resembles the abstract painterly images of the amazingly talented Frank Grisdale. Of course, he spends hours creating precisely crafted images, whereas I just got lucky. Frank’s work really challenges my preconceptions about photography and art. It is stunning! I highly recommed clicking the link and viewing some of his work.  

Sky and water

© Michael D. Pereira

This second one, was a real accident. I had the shutter speed set way too slow for the image I was taking and after pressing the button I just brought the camera down to reconsider the scene. The result was a kind of motion capture of the camera moving downward to my side. It really demonstrates the movement of light – and for some reason reminds me of the word “fibre-optics”—but don’t ask me why. Enjoy it for what it is: serendipity; a fortunate accident.


© Michael D. Pereira

Lastly, let me send a heartfelt kudos to anyone who knew where the title from today’s post is from. We have something in common. For those who aren’t sure, it’s from a brilliant little film called Animal Crackers featuring the Marx Brothers—an all time favourite of mine. Just click the movie title to see a great clip of Groucho singing 🙂



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