What is good?

I had some difficulty coming up with a photo of the week this week. It isn’t that I feel I produce lots of great images and can’t choose one, as much as I am still trying to figure out what I feel makes a good image. What is good? Colour? Composition? Feeling? Why am I drawn to some images and turned from others? Why does the style of the photographers that inspire endear me to their work (see the links on the side bar), while others seems to repell me? I figured I’d put these questions out there in the hopes that some of you might be able to provide a little insight into what you feel draws you to, or pushes you away from certain images. What do you like and why? What don’t you like and why? What makes an image work for you? What sorts of emotions do feel drawn to? What kinds of subjects do you prefer to look at?

I posted a few images here from the past few weeks that have had me thinking about these things, so feel free to comment on them as a start, or to just speak your piece about images in general and what you want to see and feel. Have some fun with it 🙂


© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira

I shot this in a park near my house. The leaf seems to almost melt off the branch. The image seems to convey a sense of fragility I think.

© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira

This one I shot up at the farm while picking apples (which later became the best apple dumplings I have ever had!). About half a second after I hit the shutter the wind caught the branch and that poor bee almost smacked right into the lens. Here I see harmony and decay in the same moment. There is warmth, and yet something feels sinister here as well.  

© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira

The infamous tool shed at the farm. This was a longer exposure (about 30 seconds), in what was a very dark shed. I used a flashlight to get that warm glow in the rafters. This one grabs me as I think it has a feel of the beauty that can be found in a little chaos – though I suspect those trying to simply find something in the shed may say otherwise.


2 responses to “What is good?

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  2. Aside from the obvious yet subjective aspect of asthetic beauty, i feel that any photo, or any piece of art of any kind, has validity if it can elicit an emotional response. This can range from a picture prompting nostalgia or fear or compassion. I also like to look at an image and wonder what the photographer was thinking or feeling when they saw the frame within the larger scope of their experience. What inspired them and why they chose that moment of space and time to capture.

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