A Lucky Man

It has never been clear to me how I have managed to be so fortunate in life, especially with regards to my wife. She really is the most amazing person. She sees joy in people; she sees good in the world, despite being in a position to see bad things more than most people ever do; she is a deeply loving person; she makes me laugh; and she is beautiful, in every sense.

These four images remind me of her. The first is of her standing in a barley field at her parents’ farm; the latter three are from our honeymoon on Prince Edward Island – a beautiful place.

For me these reflect those moments in our life where intimacy meets grandeur; where solitude intersects the world. Those moments that overwhelm until you slow down, breathe, and allow them to simply flow over you and touch your deepest feelings. I am very, very lucky to have had so many of these moments.


© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira


© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira


© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira


© Michael D. Pereira

© Michael D. Pereira


4 responses to “A Lucky Man

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  2. After your comment on Darwin Wiggetts blog, I had to come find your photo of Covehead. You blew my mind with your comment and how you seen the photo. Things I never thought of.

    • Thanks very much Stephen! Glad you could stop by and check out my photo as well.

      It is such a beautiful place, and it was really great to see an image like yours that captured it in a new way.

      By the way, anyone reading this should definitely check out Stephen’s photo of the Covehead Lighthouse here

  3. Love the first shot Mike! Lots of mood there with the warm light. To control flare and get a little more of a sunstar I might suggest partially covering the sun with a branch, tree, or even waiting until it touches the horizon. Just a little tip! Keep up the good work!


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