I’m Shipping Up To Boston


©Michael D. Pereira

I had the unforgettable opportuity to spend last weekend in Boston with my wife and some friends. I had never been before and was completely blown away by this amazing city. There is a history and passion in Boston that I have never experienced anywhere else. Port towns on the Atlantic hold a special meaning for me, though I can’t say why. I love the old buildings, the history that permeates everything, but with a complete lack of pretension – none of the self grandeur, the self importance that some places have. Just a beautiful and moving city to be in. We wandered about Harvard, had dinner in Little Italy, and even knocked back a few Guiness at McGreevy’s Pub , allegedly America’s first sports bar, now owned by Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murpheys. If I could stand to be so far from family and friends, I think I’d move there.



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