A very grey day



Following some good advice from Canadian photographer Darwin Wiggett , I decided to give myself a short self-assignment. After work I went up to the Grand River Trail, a paved path that (sort of) follows the Grand River on the North-East side of Waterloo. At first, it was a little disappointing as I had hoped for more of a rugged hike, but after walking and shooting for a while I began to let go of my own expectations and just enjoy being in a place I hadn’t been before. Despite the rather dreary weather of the day, I was able to get a few neat shots including this one. I spent a while shooting in this spot and was lucky to come away with such a beautiful shot. I love the way the colours are layered in this photo – the blue of the trees with the yellow in behind, and the reds and greens out in front. The trail turned out to be just what I needed.



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